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The golden North Face Sale: compass Each of the novels in philip pullman's his dark materials trilogy offers an exciting adventure that takes readers, young and old, on a journey through different dimensions to unknown worlds.The electrifying plots and unusual and mysterious characters make these novels excellent choices for reading aloud. Themes of good vs.Evil, betrayal, courage, fear, trust, and love raise important questions, offering students a wonderful opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue.This guide offers questions for discussion and includes activities that connect the language arts, social studies, science, music, and art curriculum. Philip pullman's intriguing and haunting trilogy sends fantasy lovers on an incredible journey through other worlds where they meet mysterious creatures and a brave and extraordinary 12-Year-Old girl, lyra belacqua, who has the power to seek truth. In the golden compass, young lyra belacqua journeys to the far north to save her best friend and other kidnapped children from terrible experiments by evil scientists. The subtle knife takes lyra to cittagàzze, where she meets will parry, a fugitive boy from our own universe who becomes her ally and friend.He received his degree in english from oxford university and has taught middle school english for many years.The golden compass, the first of pullman's his dark materials trilogy, won the carnegie medal and the guardian fiction prize, and is considered one of the best juvenile fantasy novels of the past 20 years.The amber spyglass, the trilogy's astonishing finale, was the first children's book in history to win the whitbread book of the year award.It was also nominated for the booker prize.Mr.Pullman lives with his family in england. Betrayal-Ask the class to look up the various meanings of the word betrayal.How does lyra betray roger in the golden compass?Discuss whether she was aware that she was betraying him.How does she try to rectify this betrayal?What is lyra's great betrayal in the amber spyglass?How do lyra's mother and father betray her-And then protect her?Discuss how lyra deals with these betrayals. Good vs.Evil-The trilogy challenges our assumptions about good andEvil: some witches are good, while some members of the church areEvil. What are other examples of unexpected forms of good andEvil in the trilogy? At the end of The Amber Spyglass, what do Will and Lyra learn about good andEvil, about actions versus labels?How will this affect the way they will live the rest of their lives? Courage-Have students trace lyra's courage as she travels from one dimension to another.At what point does she almost lose her courage?How does will show courage in the subtle knife?Discuss how lyra and will help one another sustain their courage throughout their quests in the subtle knife and the amber spyglass.Engage the class in a discussion about whether having possession of the alethiometer and the subtle knife either gives lyra and will courage or threatens it.How does it take courage to leave one another and return to their own worlds at the end of the trilogy? Fear-At the end of the golden compass, lyra is afraid of her father, yet admires him.Why does he evoke fear in her?How can she be afraid and admire him at the same time?How is fear the basis of will's mother's illness?Discuss how fear is related to courage.Engage the class in a discussion about how lyra and will's fears contribute to their courage as they face the evil forces. Trust-In the subtle knife, will accidentally kills an intruder who wants his father's personal documents and then labels himself a murderer.Why does this enable lyra to trust him?Which characters do serafina pekkala and lee scoresby decide to trust?Is their trust warranted?Who are the characters that lyra once trusted, but in the end finds that she cannot?In what other way does trust play an important role in pullman's his dark materials trilogy? Love-In the amber sPyglass, will says to serafina,"Thank you, serafina Pekkala, for rescuing us at the belvedere and for everything else.Please be kind to lyra for as long as she lives.I love her more than anyone has ever been loved. " (P.509)Trace the development of will and lyra's love for one another from the time they first meet in the subtle knife until they part in the amber spyglass.How does their love affect the fate of the living-And the dead?How does lyra's adventure help her to discover a new meaning of love? Language arts-The golden compass has been described as a heroic novel.Ask students to identify the qualities of a hero.Who are the heroes in pullman's his dark materials trilogy?Have students select a hero from one of the novels and write a poem about that hero.Vocabulary, including the names of characters, is often symbolic of the underlying themes and messages of the story.Make a glossary for pullman's his dark materials trilogy that represents the unique vocabulary he created. Social studies-At the end of the amber spyglass, will and mary return to their world and will accompanies mary to her flat.Mary explains to serafina that she can't just give will a permanent home because in her world you must follow rules and regulations regarding keeping children.Find out today's rules regarding foster care.What is the purpose of foster care?Discuss whether will would qualify for foster care.Would mary qualify as a foster mother? Art-Masks have been used through the ages to represent animals, monsters, supernatural spirits, dream creatures, etc.Ask students to think about which animal would most likely be their dæmon and create a mask to represent that animal.Allow students time to share their masks and to explain why they chose that particular animal as their dæmon. Science/health-Mary says that will's mother sounds like a"Classic manic-Depressive. "Ask students to research the symptoms and characteristics of manic-Depression or bipolar disorder.How is it different from other types of depression?From anxiety?Research the treatments for various types of depression.What type of treatment is will's mother likely to need? Science-In pullman's his dark materials trilogy, lyra has the alethiometer, will has the knife, and dr.Malone has the spyglass to aid them in their quests.Though these items are fictitious, scientists have always used tools and instruments to conduct investigations.Have students research the type of instruments used through the ages and construct a time line that reveals their development.What instruments do scientists use today? Music-Music plays an important role in modern fantasy and science fiction films.Play music from films such as star wars and ask students to analyze the music as it applies to plot development.How is music an important link in communicating story?Divide students into three groups and assign each a novel in the trilogy.Instruct them to locate music that would be appropriate for a film of their assigned novel.Allow time this you may like to share the selections. Dust, dark matter, and sraf are three different names for the same material.How do these names reflect the different worlds they come from?What kinds of attitudes and feelings does each society have about this material? Discuss whether mrs.Coulter is aware that her influence on will is capable of breaking the knife.What are the connections between mrs.Coulter and will's mother? Mrs.Coulter goes through a dramatic transformation as her maternal feelings for lyra break through to the surface.What do you think is the catalyst for this change? Discuss the North Face Jackets Outlet significance of human dæmons taking an animal form.Do you think a mulefa dæmon would take an animal or human form?What does this mean about the nature of dæmons? By the end of the novel, what similarities can you see between lyra and mrs.Coulter?How is lyra's storytelling different from mrs.Coulter's lying? Printe-Mailsingle pagekeywordspullman, philip;"His dark materials"Trilogy;National theatre;London, england;Children's books;Bbc polls;Milton, john Unless you reserved a seat in december, even before the reviews came out, the only way you can see the adaptation of philip pullman's trilogy"His dark materials,"At the national theatre in london this winter, is to stand in line and hope to get one of the thirty seats or sixty spaces for standees that are set aside for sale on the day of the performance.Otherwise, you will have to miss a play that lasts six hours(It can be seen in one sitting, with a dinner break, or on separate days, in three-Hour segments);Includes witches, angels, armored polar bears, talking dolls who ride dragonflies, evil prelates, a hundred and seventeen scene changes, multiple universes, timothy dalton, and a hot-Air balloon;And features one of the few theatrical representations of the death of god(Who turns out north face down jacket to be a tiny old guy in a plastic casket, and who, when he has his big moment, literally croaks).The run ends in march, and the production was designed for a special multitiered revolving stage, in the olivier theatre at the national, so it's not likely to be remounted anywhere else.There are plans, though, to bring it back at the end of 2004. The first volume of pullman's trilogy, called"Northern lights"In england and"The golden compass"In the united states, came out in 1995.The books are basically for twelve-Year-Olds, but they have acquired a following rivalling that of"The lord of the rings. "The claim is based on an empirical finding.Last fall, in a bbc poll undertaken to determine"The uk's best-Loved book," "His dark materials"Finished third, behind"PrideAndprejudice"And the great frododyssey itself. (The bbc received three-Quarters of a million votes. "Harry potterAndthe goblet of fire"Finished fifth, just ahead of"ToKill a mockingbird," "Winnie the pooh,"And"1984. " "Ulysses"Limped across the line in seventy-Eighth place. )At a recent performance, a few people left during the dinner break, but not many,Andthough there were plenty of twelve-Year-Olds in the audience, it was by no means a young crowd.Andthere were no complaints heard afterward about the length.The reviews, when they did appear, were mixed; some critics were unhappy because the play wasn't enough like the books, which they loved,Andsome were unhappy because it was too much like the books, which they thought were overrated. "Whatever their merits,"The reviewer for the daily mail remarked,"They are not charles dickens or victor hugo. "The critics, though, were grownups.This is not something that has been missed by the church, of course.The association of christian teachers, in england, pronounced the show"Blasphemous,"Andcalled for it to be banned.In pullman's story, the death of god is a good thing, a step forward for the universe.It releases the teen-age heroes, WillAndLyra-played by two excellent young actors, Dominic CooperAndAnna Maxwell Martin-from a world of guiltAndoppressionAndphony purity. Somehow, the cascade of imaginary beings is so overwhelmingAndthe occasional discourses on the nature of the universe are so opaque that the theological point is almost completely buried.The chief villain in the story is the head of the church, a cold-Blooded control freak in purple robes.He is played, by stephen greif, as donald rumsfeld-Slicked-Back silver hair, rimless glasses, nasal american accent.K.Rowling's-And a lot of people in the theatre for that january performance were americans.A three-Movie adaptation is in the works, to be produced by scholastic entertainment in collaboration with new line cinema, which produced peter jackson's three-Movie adaptation of"The lord of the rings. "A script for the first volume has already been written, by tom stoppard.Pop mythology used to be the specialty of the united states, but britain is on the verge of becoming its leading producer.